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Founder & CEO Yusuke SHONO

Filling the World With Peace of Mind

In our daily lives, we are constantly exposed to a variety of risks.
However, there are disparities among people of different regions and income levels in terms of security and safety that has been achieved through self-help efforts.

Warrantee helps to realize a world in which everyone can live in a safe and secure environment,
by ensuring free provision of healthcare, including medical equipment, and by providing guarantees and insurance required to protect assets and services.

We have developed the “Three-Way Business Model,”
which brings successful growth not only to our users but also to our company sponsors and Warrantee itself.

We can create a more sustainable society by delivering advantages to everyone engaged, not just one or the other.
Through our patented business model, we will continue to tackle social challenges as a truly unique company that can fill the world with peace of mind.

Founder & CEO Yusuke SHONO

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