Free healthcare

This service provides testing/treatment and medical equipment free of charge.

The service provides medical equipment, treatment, and other such facilities free of charge. In this service, sponsorship fees contributed by companies are integrated with the unique technology developed by Warrantee.

The service is delivered via an app. Users can access certain medical practices and medical equipment (*) free of charge, paid for by the sponsorship provided by companies. In return, sponsor companies can obtain personal information and behavioral data with the consent of the concerned individual.

Targets: Genetic testing, PCR testing, chronic disease testing, regenerative medicine, healthcare products such as supplements, etc.


Mr. C (physician in private practice, 46 years old)

The number of patients getting admitted at our hospital has declined, partly due to the impact of COVID-19. Such a decline has lead to an incredibly difficult situation.
Considering the difficulties in investing in new medical equipment under such circumstances, the ability to insure, without incurring major expenses, the maintenance costs of our medical equipment free of charge enables us to maintain and improve the level of our medical care. I hope that in the future, more hospitals will make use of this setup to ensure sustainable management. Such sustainable practices are particularly relevant because hospitals provide essential services to the local communities in which they are based.

Real-Life Example of Free Healthcare


Helping reduce clinics’ costs and contributing to Japan’s medical care system

With the number of patient visits to some clinics declining in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many such clinics have had to shut down their operations or are at risk of being forced to do so. One major cost borne by clinics such as this one is that of maintaining medical equipment. Such maintenance costs can be in the hundreds of millions of yen or more for a single clinic.

By providing insurance free of charge for such medical equipment in partnership with BEAUKEN and ensuring cost reduction, we are working to eliminate the maintenance costs that have hitherto acted as a major burden for clinics.

From the clinics’ point of view, this implies that they can have medical equipment repaired or replaced with new products free of charge in the event of malfunction; moreover, it helps maintain clinics’ finances and reduce the number of worker-hours required for medical care.
From BEAUKEN’s perspective, the advantages of this setup are that it provides more career opportunities in clinics and helps open up new pathways for business. By helping relieve some of the pressures facing medical organizations, this arrangement helps maintain medical care infrastructure, contributes to reducing the long-term burden on citizens, and supports Japan’s medical care system.