Free insurance

This service provides guarantees and insurance free of charge.

The service provides non-life insurance (i.e., guarantees for objects) free of charge. In this service, sponsorship fees contributed by companies are combined with unique technology developed by Warrantee.

The service is delivered via an app. Users can enroll free of charge in non-life insurance as it is sponsored by companies. In return, sponsor companies can obtain personal information and product data with the consent of the concerned individual.


Mr. A (36 years old)

My real estate company introduced me to a proposal that offers free guarantees for air-conditioning units.
In addition to involving a lot of work in terms of maintenance, air-conditioning units have to be replaced after a certain amount of time; as a result, the free-guarantee facility proves incredibly useful.
In this setup, we can have the units guaranteed free of charge, in exchange for us conveying our needs to the manufacturer so that they can do their best to further improve their services. This enables me to use this service in complete peace of mind.

Mr. B (55 years old)

This was an opportunity to use medical equipment in hospitals free of charge.
Previously, I had tried various types of treatments; however, none of them had yielded any results. Thus, it felt great to be able to avail of the guarantee service. Ultimately, upon purchasing the app, I was able to leverage some high-quality equipment at my home.
Being able to use the equipment in the hospital free of charge resulted in better-quality treatment for me; simultaneously, the company was able to gain a deeper insight into the products. I think it would be wonderful to witness more such initiatives.

Real-Life Example of Free Insurance

Omron Corporation

Extending the “healthy life expectancy” to support human happiness

The number of “locomotive syndrome” cases—wherein people suffer from diminished physiological abilities due to pains in the knees and hip joints—has spiraled in the recent years. With over 40 million men and women in their 40s and older suffering from locomotive syndrome in Japan, this disease can be described as a national issue in terms of the number of people being affected by it. With the gap between “life expectancy” and “healthy life expectancy” growing wider each year, more and more people are becoming bedridden due to knee and hip pain. Such excruciating pain makes it a challenge for them to maintain optimal physical fitness until the end of their lives.

Omron has been working with us, providing regenerative treatment (Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP treatment) free of charge to the worst-afflicted patients suffering from knee pain and helping prevent such problems.

In today’s society characterized by ongoing developments in medical care, the average life expectancy continues to increase. Consequently, we have been providing the necessary support to help maintain physical fitness, ensuring good health until the end of an individual’s life.

Daikin and Century 21

Reducing users’ ecological footprints and the cost of their home appliances

Although the development of residential real estate continues to progress in Japan, there are still numerous buildings developed several years ago. In buildings having been constructed 10–15 years ago, problems concerning the home appliances installed in these structures have been surfacing. Moreover, many old appliances have broken down owing to degradation. If it is assumed that a single air-conditioning unit costs 100,000 yen, the aggregate cost for a building comprising 100 apartments would amount to 10 million yen. This problem poses a huge burden for the owners of condominiums. For some owners, the cost of malfunctioning home appliances can impede them from continuing to run the condominium.

Therefore, Daikin works with Century 21 owners to offer a service wherein Daikin either repairs the existing air-conditioning units or replaces them with new ones free of charge when they break down.

This has solved the problem of home appliance costs, which had hitherto acted as a significant burden for owners. Owners are now able to continue managing their condominiums without having to undertake activities such as raising rents, which typically act as inconveniences in residents’ lives. The service has helped owners and residents establish a healthy relationship wherein the former can reduce their electricity usage by replacing air-conditioning units with new ones. Furthermore, both owners and tenants are now becoming more familiar with the products offered by Daikin, ultimately turning into long-term users.

Through this service, we are working to reduce the costs borne by users as well as the ecological footprints of appliances, establishing more sustainable lifestyles and a healthier environment.