Free insurance

This service provides guarantees and insurance free of charge.

The service provides non-life insurance (i.e., guarantees for objects) free of charge. In this service, sponsorship fees contributed by companies are combined with unique technology developed by Warrantee.

The service is delivered via an app. Users can enroll free of charge in non-life insurance as it is sponsored by companies. In return, sponsor companies can obtain personal information and product data with the consent of the concerned individual.


Mr. A (36 years old)

My real estate company introduced me to a proposal that offers free guarantees for air-conditioning units.
In addition to involving a lot of work in terms of maintenance, air-conditioning units have to be replaced after a certain amount of time; as a result, the free-guarantee facility proves incredibly useful.
In this setup, we can have the units guaranteed free of charge, in exchange for us conveying our needs to the manufacturer so that they can do their best to further improve their services. This enables me to use this service in complete peace of mind.

Mr. B (55 years old)

This was an opportunity to use medical equipment in hospitals free of charge.
Previously, I had tried various types of treatments; however, none of them had yielded any results. Thus, it felt great to be able to avail of the guarantee service. Ultimately, upon purchasing the app, I was able to leverage some high-quality equipment at my home.
Being able to use the equipment in the hospital free of charge resulted in better-quality treatment for me; simultaneously, the company was able to gain a deeper insight into the products. I think it would be wonderful to witness more such initiatives.