Founder & CEO

Yusuke SHONO

After graduating from Kyoto University in 2013 with a BA in Economics, he established Warrantee Inc. by utilizing his knowledge and experience in data marketing and programming. As a Kyoto University G30 Project student specialist, he was in charge of promoting the internationalization of the university and engaged in the development and translations of institutional documents into English. In 2012, he became a member of the “Medical Point Promotion Council” of the Ministry of International Affairs and Communications.

Founder & CEO Yusuke SHONO
Executive Officer


Kanazawa graduated the Department of Political Science in the Faculty of Law in Doshisha University in 1993 and joined Japan Joint Finance (currently JAFCO Group). Since then, he has been consistently active in the VC industry. After serving as a director of Japan Technology Venture Partners in 2009, he joined Hack Ventures, an independent VC based in Osaka, in 2015. He has been in charge of domestic investments since the establishment of the company’s first fund and was appointed as the representative director in 2016.

Chief Financial Officer Hiromitsu TSUGA

Tomotake HASUMI

After graduating from Waseda University’s Faculty of Law in 1992, Asumi joined Dentsu Inc. After working in charge of TV stations department, he led the department of transportation equipment manufacturers, mainly engaging in overseas marketing strategies. Leaving the company in 2005, he became the managing director of Mode Two Co., Ltd. He was appointed the president and representative director in 2007. Upon retiring in 2018, he was appointed the representative director of Lotus Wise Partners Co., Ltd.

Executive Officer Takashi KANAZAWA